Replica of the original estela Mayas
Click on the estela to see it much clearer (62Kb)
As you enter the museum you are impressed by this amazing structure. Back durring the Mayan times, most estelas were of this color and of this style. They all had very bright distinguishing colors that made the Mayan city very pleasing to the eyes. If you would like to see different sides of the restauration of the stela, here are two different pictures,
one from the upper right sideand the other from thebottom left side.

This can be found inside the museum

This is one of the displays at the Copan museum, various different displays like this one can be seen inside the museum that once were outside in the Mayan city and are now inside the museum for their protection and your viewing pleasure.

Wide angle picture of the museum from the inside
Click on the picture to see the inside of the museum much clearer. (184Kb)

This is a picture of the Visitor Center

This is a huge bat displayed at the museum.

Beutifull colors and tectures are represented in this sculpture
Amazing what the Mayas were capable of doing with thier technology. This is a large bird, over eight feet tall, also made with the same materials and painted with natural plants ointments as the estelas.

There are also different faces that are displayed showing different Mayan people. All these sculptures are made out of rock that the Mayans also used to make their temples out of.

Death simbols Symbolism Death symbols
The Mayans also had their idea of what happened after death. They called it the "Underworld." These pictures show us different symbolic representations made by the Mayas of the Underworld. Home page | Copan home page | Ruins page | Copan Museum | Copan visitor Center